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iad and jill

เอียด กับ จิ๋ว

Iad and Jill first met in 1989 in their 1st grade classroom, where they sat next to each other and immediately became best friends. After high-school, Jill moved to Tokyo to study design and lived there for 7 years, before moving to Milan to further her education in the same field. She has been working with her passion for design ever since.

Whilst Iad, after graduating from university where she studied Mass Communications and Journalism, started her first job in event organising. Later moving to Cambodia and working there for 2 years. In 2008 Iad organised her own wedding, which was when she first realised her love of organising a wedding, and prompted her to start doing this for her friends from time to time too.

Iad and Jill re-united when they both moved back home to Bangkok. They learnt that they shared a mutual passion for weddings; Iad in organising, Jill in designing. This is how Iad and Jill become Iad and Jill the wedding planners.

"Making your wedding uniquely yours" is what Iad and Jill are all about. We know your wedding is a once in a life time thing, is something you've been dreaming of since you were 10, and is the moment that truly belongs to you and your missing piece.

We will take all your wishes and dreams, and make them come to life, creating a memorable union.

Relax.. Take a deep breath ... weddings are FUN :)

Let's get started with your ideas!

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